ZEETEC Model 2 Double Protection Magnetic Filter 22 mm


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After much consumer research and consideration the Zeetec Model- 2 filter is ready for sale. It comes in an eye catching design which is our distinctive shape and angle of the filter.

Most importantly it comes in a see through body so you can see the water condition in the heating system as well as being aware when it is time to clean the filter. In theory if the heating system is operating in clean water, free from any dirt, debris and sludge the boiler will be more efficient and less heat energy will be lost.

The benefits of operating a system with clean water is that there will be less boiler breakdowns, less consumption of energy and an overall saving on utility and maintenance costs throughout the year. Unlike most other central heating filters, where they mainly focus on the size of the magnet to catch metallic debris from the heating system.

However in reality there are all kinds of materials such as, limescale non- ferrous particles and sludge, these particles are not attracted to the magnet. The Zeetec filtration is a double protection method of filtration. Where rather than focusing on just a magnet, we focus on filtering all kinds of dirt in the heating system whether it be metallic or non-metallic. (in other words all unwanted particles) To simplify the matter if any microscopic particles manage to pass through our first method of filtration which is a very fine strainer. It will then have to face our second method of filtration which is a magnet. This double protection method keeps the water in the heating system as clean as can be.

The Zeetec Model- 2 filter has an air vent, which can also be used to insert inhibitors and chemicals into the heating system. We have also added reinforced brass fittings to avoid cross threading when installing the filter. With the added air vent on the top and the already existing drainage valve at the bottom, the filter can be connected to a power flush machine and flushed accordingly.


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